Spasms of Happiness and Too Many Drafts

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before – but I have this habit of starting posts and not finishing them, I currently have 20 unfinished posts or drafts, if you’d prefer.1 I think that the reason for this is because I get to the point where what’s popping into my head doesn’t really fit what I’ve been writing about and I’m trying this new thing, where I try to stay on a single topic or two. But anyhow, I have 20 unfinished posts – so I’m writing them, I’m just not finishing them. :P

The last paragraph has absolutely nothing to do with the majority of this post…I just thought that it was kind of interesting and that it made me sound a bit less lazy, I suppose. I’m just easily distracted, unmotivated, etc. Anyways, the main point of this post is that my Mom and I have been looking for a house. Well, today we looked at one and I absolutely fell in love with the bedroom that would be mine. <3 Sadly, I didn't take any pictures - because I don't know if we'll be able to get the house. *fingers crossed* But I can tell you a bit about the room. :)

So, my room in this house…WOW! As I mentioned before, I am totally obsessed and in love with this room. It’s almost twice the size of my current room – I’d be going from 80 sq. ft. to 120+ sq. ft. It has a closet in the room itself – a narrow one with a bi-fold door, but I’m going to have that removed. It has this absolutely gorgeous walk-in closet, or it will be once I get it and finish it. :D It has a window in it, which provides lots of natural light.

I know that y’all were expecting a bit more about the room, and I will write more about it in the future, hopefully. But basically, this post is a warning for the next post – yep, I’m going to do another wishlist post. However, it’s not going to be like my other room wishlist as I’m going to go into a lot more detail with it. The reasoning for this is that I have been wanting a decent-sized room and a walk-in closet ever since I lost the one I had when I was a teenager…so I’ve been planning how I’d want it to look ever since then. Plus, I watch a lot of room tour videos on YouTube so I’m filled with inspiration. So, I’m off to write the next post and I’ll try to get the number of drafts down as well in the coming days!

  1. 21 if you count this one, which I don’t – because it’s going to be published

Operation: Makeover – Markkit Look

I suppose that y’all can tell from my title but I’m seriously debating giving myself, my life, my style, my blog…everything a complete and total makeover. If I decide to do this, it will be a major undertaking and I’ll probably obsess over it like a Belieber does when Justin Bieber changes clothes. BTW, I don’t know if they actually do this – it’s just an example…and if you’re a Belieber and you do this, then apologies if you take it the wrong way. Anyhow, I have a notebook filled with websites for shopping – so I thought it would be fun to show y’all a complete look or more that I’d wear from each site.

I have to admit that I’m really looking forward to doing these posts as they’ll allow me to explore my love of fashion and different styles while still deciding if I want to actually undertake such a huge project. Anyhow, I’ve decided to start with Markkit – a site that I’ve mentioned on here once or twice before. Mainly because I’m head over heels in love with a certain purse. The only thing that cannot be found on Markkit is the shoes – they’re from DSW. But anyhow, here’s my look from there:

  • Midnight Mist Top – This top is the right mix of sexy and demure, meaning that I’d feel utterly comfortable in it and you can wear for almost any occasion. This time, I decided to go with a more casual, chic look.
    Midnight Mist Top
  • Rayana Destroyed Jeans – For some reason, I love destroyed jeans. It may have to do with the fact that they add a bit of a tomboy look to any style, or the fact that they can make even the fussiest of tops seem casual.
    Rayana Destroyed Jeans
  • Mini Black Speedy Handbag with Studded Bottom – Yes, this purse, again. In case that y’all haven’t realized it by now, I seriously want this bag…probably as much as I want an iPhone, if not more. I honestly don’t know what else I can say about this bag, so I’m not going to add anything more.
    Markkit Speedy Handbag with Studded Bottom
  • Rose Gold Infinity Studs – The major flaw with my wanting these earrings is that I don’t have pierced ears. Of course, it’s also easily fixed. I just have to go get it done. But where?! :saywha:
    Rose Gold Infinity Studs
  • Guess Newport Bootie in Black – So, what do I love about these booties? Hm…the color, the hint of reptile, the heel…basically everything! The cuff of the jeans would allow me to show them off perfeclty. ^_^
    Guess Newport Bootie   DSW

The next three things are the icing on the cake, so to speak…they’re how I’d do my hair, makeup, and nails with this look.

  • Makeup: I’d go with light colors on the lids with smoked out corners and a hint of soft pink to the lips. Something that is natural, but still brings out my eyes.
    Makeup - Everything About It on Pinterest
  • Manicure: This is called an Angled French. I love it because if you’re wanting to look chic, the French manicure is perfection…but this adds a bit of rock ‘n’ roll to it, which is perfect for the look I’m going for.
    Nails on Pinterest   41 Pins
  • Hairstyle: This is probably the one that took me the longest to pick out, for the simple reason that I’ve been hesitant about getting my haircut…yet I always seem to keep coming back to this length. So, maybe I should just take the plunge and do it? Anyhow, I love the wavy, bedhead look – it’s one of the few styles that I can do myself. Mainly because, I don’t have to use any tools to achieve it. Yep, I just have to put my hair up in little buns and sleep. :blush:

Y’all may have noticed that I didn’t include a necklace, and this is because I’m not 100% sure what type would look best with this look. I’m also not saying that these are the best way to go, just that I’d go with them. :sweat: So I hope that you like what I’ve picked out…let me know in a comment if you’d change anything, and what necklace that y’all would wear with this look. Finally, I’ll try to get more of an update, personal, post up in the next day or so – I know that I’ve got to finish the random facts about me series…so that’s what I’m going to be working on. I just have to think of some more facts. :P

Accessories Wishlist for September 2014

I figured that it was only natural that I do this post next for the simple reason that any fashion designer would probably agree – accessories are what makes an outfit. They are the things that take a LBD from casual to a night out. Or a pair of jeans and a tee from drab to fab! It’s funny how switching just a few items can change the total look of an outfit. But anyhow, this post obviously contains a few of the items that I’d love to own. Let me know if you’d like to receive any of them, or tell me what your must-have accessory is in a comment below. :D BTW, you can also call this the My Daily Essentials or the What’s in My Bag? wishlist, if you prefer. Because all of the things on here will be things that would be found in my purse, however, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be doing a What’s in My Bag? post in the not-so-distant future.

  1. Markkit Full-size Black Speedy Handbag with Studded Bottom, $68 – I have been literally obsessed with this purse ever since I first saw it on this YouTube video. There is just something about this bag that speaks to me…probably because even though it doesn’t look like it can hold a lot, it does.
    Markkit Speedy Handbag with Studded Bottom
  2. Fossil Perfect Boyfriend Watch in Rose Gold, $135 – I’ve owned one or two Fossil watches in my lifetime, and I absolutely love them. They were both stolen, so I’m definitely wanting to get another one. This one is absolutely gorgeous…and it matches the studs on the bottom of the purse above, which makes me kind of happy. :D Plus, rose gold is so pretty and elegant.
    Fossil Perfect Boyfriend Watch - Women's Watches Buckle
  3. Hot Topic Disney Tangled Floral Flap Wallet, $11.60 – Uhm…yeah. I need a new wallet, and this one is cute. I honestly don’t know what else to say. Plus, it has room for all of my cards, so that’s an added benefit. Oh, and it’ll add a touch of whimsy to my purse.
    Disney Tangled Sketch Floral Flap Wallet Hot Topic
  4. Stella & Dot Interlock Cross Necklace in Silver, $59 – I’ve been wanting a necklace similar to this one ever since I noticed one being worn by a friend of mine. I absolutely love the delicate look of this.
    Stella   Dot

I’m sure that there are a couple of more items that can go on this list…but I’m seriously tired of working on this post. Actually, I’m just tired in general – I’ve been up since around 4 this morning and I am utterly exhausted in more ways than one. Mom and I ran some errands today, and I worked on my room a bit. I’ve decide to try and get a section done at a time – first is the top of my nightstand. I’ve almost got it 100% the way that I want it, I just have to get a couple more things, and edit the flowers that I got for my little crystal vase. I’ll be sure to take a picture once, it’s completed. :)

Beauty Wishlist September 2014

As y’all know, I’m a girl and like many other bloggers out there, I may or may not have a slight obsession with the fashion and beauty industries. Ok…I do, but I’m not brave enough yet to post YouTube videos of my opionions yet. In the meanwhile, I figured that I would post a few of the things that I would love get and/or receive in the beauty category.1

  1. Clarisonic Mia Skin Cleansing System in Electric Pink, $99 – Almost every beauty blogger that has one of these seems to love them, and I can definitely see the appeal. I’m currently using this little round brush that I picked up at Dollar Tree, and I love how my skin feels afterwards. I imagine that I’d be in complete bliss if I was able to get one of these. :D

  2. Philosophy French Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Shower Gel, $17 – Considering the fact that I absolutely love the scent of vanilla bean, and it’s such a pleasing relaxing scent. I’d more than likely adore this product. Plus, it’s a 3-in-1 which means that on days I’m running late – I can just soap up, rinse off, and go. WIN-WIN!

  3. Calvin Klein Euphoria for Women Eau de Parfum, $66 – I absolutely love how this smells, it’s so elegant and chic…at least to me. I’d absolutely love to own this.

  4. Tree Hut Firming Sugar Scrub in Italian Mocha, $6.99 – OMG! This smells so delicious. I could honestly cure my coffee addiction if I could keep this in stock. It makes my skin smell so good, and so smooth.
    300 (1)
  5. Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil in Naked – Zero/Whiskey, $16 – This is suppose to co-ordinate with the Naked palette, which is also on my list. I adore neutral color eye shadows, because they are perfect for any occasion and I don’t really care to spend much time on my looks. I have so many other things that I could be doing…the fact that I hardly ever do them is beside the point.
    Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked 24 7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil Naked Basics - Venus Crave - Cosmetics, Fragrance, Sa
  6. Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked Palatte, $54 – Despite my love of neutrals, I’ve yet to get this palette. It is mainly because of the cost, and the fact that I cannot really see spending the amount on something that I’d only use once in awhile…at least currently. I mean, there are so many other things that one could get. :hmm: Like domains, hosting, shoes, clothes, etc.
    Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked Palette - Cosmetics, Fragrance, Salon and Beauty Gifts

That’s all for September, but a wishlist for accessories, clothes, shoes, etc. is coming as well. It seems that I’m in the mood to add posts…so y’all will probably get a few post over the next day or so. Or I will just set them up to publish automatically, which probably makes a bit more sense. :D

  1. My 34th Birthday is in about a month, y’all!

Thirteen Drafts and An Update

I guess that y’all can tell that I’m not really a superstitious person…I mean, I have 13 drafts on here. They’re all about different things to an extent, and I’ll probably end up increasing this number before it goes down. This is mainly due to a couple of my character traits – I’m OCD with a side of ADHD, a dose of anxiety and procrastination, and just a little bit of Bi-Polar, Type 2 thrown in. This basically means that my brain is majorly confused, and that I have a very short attention span. I’m still not sure if this is an advantage or a disadvantage…despite being this way all of my life or for 33+ years.

I sometimes think that you spend the first half of your life becoming comfortable with the person that you are born as, and then you spend the second half actually enjoying life. Of course, the main flaw with this is are you ever 100% comfortable with yourself? Personally, I go through moments when I love everything about myself – when I think that I’m absolutely beautiful…but the majority of the time, all I can see are my flaws. My shoulders are too broad, my hair is this mousy blondish brunette that tangles way too easily and is limp, etc. I suppose that I should tell y’all some of the things that I like about how I look – my eyes are this absolutely gorgeous shade of green, I have relatively long eyelashes for a girl1, and I have really good bone structure – high cheekbones and my great-grandmother’s nose. <3 I suppose that I should spend more time focusing on what I love about myself, then on what I dislike.

In the meanwhile, I will focus on some of the things that I do love, even if it’s not myself completely yet. So, what do I love, y’all are probably wondering. Well, I love absolutely anything to do with design – from interior design to web design. If it involves making something prettier, better, more efficient, and people end up happier – then I’m all over it. Sadly, more often than not, my dreams tend to be bigger than my current capabilities and my attention span. This is probably the main reason that I’m upset about not being able to get my other domain – which I still own, – up and running. To be completely honest, I don’t really want to get rid of it – I mean, I won it during Namecheap‘s Annual Holiday Trivia contest.

Anyhow, moving on…I currently have a headache due to the fact that I’ve been up for 24 hours. The weird thing is that I’m not the slightest bit tired. I’m sore from my head to my toes, but other than that I am feeling pretty good. I think that my medications – Effexor XR and Guanfacine – may be starting to work. It’d be easier for me to tell if I could get on a normal sleeping schedule, as I’m still experiencing bouts of insomnia. :gr:

On a brighter note, I should be getting both my desk and my laptop this week. This means that I really need to clean my room and get some things to organize it, but lately that hasn’t really been a major priority of mine. Actually…it’s not even that, I don’t seem to be really interested in much of anything as of late – which means, that even though my medicine is working, it’s not doing me much good.

Anyhow, I’ve rambled on enough…so if y’all want to know anything, just ask me. I’ll try to get another post up soon. :lol:

  1. This isn’t meant to be offensive, but seriously…some guys have gorgeous eyelashes.

Awake but Rather Sleep

It’s a quarter after five in the morning, and I’m wide awake. I don’t have a single thing to do that can’t be done at a more civilized hour…meaning one where the Sun is also awake. But I cannot seem to fall back to sleep, so I figured that this would be a good time for a completely random post of sleeping kittens, inane ramblings, and other such nonsense. Basically, I’m given y’all an early warning that this post is a complete mess and if y’all don’t like reading such posts to go back and read a different post or wait until I publish a new one. I mean, the choice is really yours.


I can’t help but think that this kitten was having such a good dream that when it got called to eat, that it was so anxious to get back to its’ dream that it fell asleep in its’ food dish. Dreams are absolutely the best thing ever – they allow us to live a life that some of us can only imagine. But I’m not going to say any more on this topic as J.D. Scott on his Monday Hot Topic of the week – you can read it here, and I’ll possibly post a bit more about my dreams, goals, etc. in a future entry. For now, time for another sleeping kitten. :D


This kitten looks so happy and blissful, it makes me think about all the times that I’ve felt the same way. I’ve realized that happiness really doesn’t require much – I mean, look at the kitten. It probably has a full tummy and its’ favorite toy – and BAMN! instant happiness. Why do we spend so much time and money pursuing things that will only make us happy for a bit, when all we need is a full tummy, loved ones, and a comfortable place to sleep? I mean, don’t get me wrong – I want a big house, fancy cars, stylish clothing, etc. just as much as the next person…but I really don’t think that they will be the key to making me happy. Because I’ve realized that all I really want is to be happy. The image below sums it up best. :D


Now, I’m going to go take Colby outside for a bit, take a bath, and try to get a bit more sleep. I hope that y’all are having a beautiful week, and I’ll post some more later…or do some work around the site. I need to edit the categories a bit, and possibly add some tags. o_O

Chill Out, Things Gonna Change

Lately, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about life, owning a blog, and how I deal with all of it. I’ve realized that I’m not very good at keeping a blog up to date, writing regular scheduled posts, or even replying to comments. I’m also realizing that it’s not really necessary for me to be good at any of these things – as long as I’m satisfied with the image that I put across via my blog posts, social media updates, instant messaging conversations, and e-mails then it really doesn’t matter what someone on the other side of the world believes about me. Because, honestly, people are going to believe what they want about you and you can’t do a damn thing to change their minds.

So, you’re probably wondering how this epiphany – for lack of a better word- is going to effect the site. I guess that I’ll do a numbered list to explain. :D

  1. Posts will only occur when I get them written which means no more scheduled posts or telling y’all what the next one will be about – as I honestly won’t know until I sit down to actually write them.
  2. Comments will only receive a reply if a question is asked, you are a regular visitor, or I feel that more information is necessary. You are more likely to receive a reply if I read your blog, you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, or you are a member of one of the sites shown under Joined & Listed.
  3. There will be posts about controversial topics such as politics, religion, and other such things. However, they will require a password to read them, so if y’all don’t want to read them – obviously, don’t request the password.
  4. The titles of the posts will more than likely be something random that pops into my head, which means that 95% of the time they will have absolutely nothing to do with any of the content in that posts. The reasoning for this is because I have such a difficult time sticking to a single topic, and given them a random title means that I really don’t have to do this.
  5. I’m probably going to start getting less visitors – for the simple reason that if you have a site on Blogger, I’m no longer going to be leaving a comment on your site. I’m also probably not going to leave comments on sites that use Disqus. The simple reason for this is that I spend 90% of my time online logging into and out of different sites – it’s a pain in the ass, honestly. Plus converting from Blogger to WordPress is super easy. I’ve done it once or twice personally.

Well, since I’ve probably managed to piss off some of the people reading this post – I guess it’s time to end this post. I’ll try to get another one up in the next couple of days…it depends how much sleep and whatnot I get.

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